BE: a natural
way of life

We are entering a new era and embracing new concepts of hospitality that are three-dimensional and regenerative, and go beyond the simple holiday experience. We have come up with an idea to make you feel at home away from home, interpreting ‘away’ in relation to your surroundings, but also a world of feelings and emotions. An ‘away’ that is primarily about escaping daily places and rhythms, rediscovering total harmony with the environment, and embracing a new lifestyle.

Our idea of hospitality is based on searching for new places and creating charming environments where you can indulge in the luxury of transforming and personalising your daily rhythms. We also want to change your perception of time, suspending, expanding, and synchronising it with nature’s cycles.

BE creates ‘private view’ refuges on UNESCO World Heritage sites in extraordinary Italian locations. These unique refuges are set in exceptional natural and cultural landscapes among terraces overlooking the sea on the iconic Amalfi Coast, or in the majestic forests of the Fassa Valley in the Dolomites.

The projects are designed to respond to new living requirements and bring you moments of pure escapism. To offer the luxurious feeling of an exclusive retrait that can be ‘lived in’ in the broadest sense of the word, surrounded by incredible views.