BE. Your private view: THE AMALFI COAST

Celebrated by artists and writers for centuries, it is one of the most picturesque coastlines in the world, with its romantic views, small villages, majestic scenery, and truly unique Mediterranean landscape. The old residence towers over the mountainside overlooking Conca dei Marini, a bay with high cliffs that loom over a bright blue sea. We are in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997.


Surrounded by 12,000 square metres of land, you feel the charm of this original residence from the moment you step foot over the threshold. The building is still standing thanks to a thoughtful and respectful renovation, which has preserved its layout, dimensions, and features. From an architectural perspective, the towers, combined with the residence’s location on a rocky incline, offer guests some truly extraordinary views, with windows that frame incredible views and bathe the rooms in bright, cool light.

The main building has three floors covering a total of 130 square metres. The ground floor has an entrance hall, living room, and kitchen. The first floor has a bedroom, wardrobe, and bathroom. The basement floor has a study and a bathroom.


The interior design has a dual spirit: it is contemporary and designer but also warm, cosy, and representative of the identity of this coastline. A formal purism with neutral tones dominates the bedrooms.The minimalist furnishings, made from natural materials, create a sense of visual continuity between the indoors and outdoors.

A design that respects green spaces and accompanies guests from the house to the sea

The gardens have been designed by the well-known Milan-born landscape architect Marco Bay, who is the brains behind several major Italian and international landscape projects.

“It is a place of such extraordinary and striking beauty that we were worried about ruining the charm of this area of unspoiled nature. The key was to take a ‘gentle’ approach to the project based on wisdom and respect. I used the idea of descending to the sea as a starting point for creating seven terraced gardens. Each level has a different visual impact and characteristics, but they are all united by a common thread linked to the traditions of the area.

I also experimented with dreamlike botanical elements that transport you to faraway places. Without being overbearing, I like to leave a mark on the local land that is so authentic that it feels like it has always been there.”

Marco Bay


The project was inspired by the architect’s sensitivity to and intimate relationship with nature. It spans seven terraced gardens – each with its own identity – that descend to the sea, level by level. Terracing has always played a part in Italy’s landscaping traditions and was traditionally used to tame hilly or mountainous areas. The use of local stone is also a key element that creates harmony and strong ties to the local area.

The project’s main focus was sustainability and the use of low-maintenance plants that were suited to the characteristics of the local terrain. Existing trees were left alone and supplemented by native plants such as oaks, wild olive trees, and individual Euphorbia and Giant Fennel trees. Marco Bay also added a personal touch inspired by his botanical expertise and evolutionary landscaping visions.

The chestnut wood pergolas, which follow each other down to the sea, contribute to the ‘gentle’, discreet, and respectful architecture. The centuries-old path down to the sea is a truly charming feature preserved by naturalistic engineering efforts, with the exclusive use of local wood and compacted earth.

The seven gardens create a route with views that evolve with every step you take, surprising and intriguing those who wander through and immerse themselves in these gardens, with their intoxicating colours and smells.

These are some exceptional gardens, conceived and designed like rooms in a house as a concatenation of spaces immersed in lush nature. Each terrace has its own soul, reflected in the sea, which remains the absolute protagonist.


Start your walk observing the plant of the garden of “The Captain’s House” by Marco Bay.

Open-Air Living

A living room bordered and sheltered by a chestnut-wood pergola, just like the ones local farmers have always used. The star of the show is the Cestrum nocturnum. This shrub releases fragrances that smell like Indian incense at night, thus contributing to the atmospheric experience.

The Harvest Garden

In such a bountiful land, a traditional vegetable and fruit garden is a must, with dedicated patches for each season, including tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, chillies, aromatic herbs, and flowers…

The Prairie

The largest terrace has a lawn surrounded by grass and wildflowers that surrender gently and spontaneously to the whims of the wind. It’s the perfect place to pause and admire the view.

The Lemon Garden

This open-air lemon room was inspired by the idea of a ‘hall in a noble palace’. It is home to some of the residence’s most iconic plants: a selection of rare lemons trees bound to pergolas.
It is also the perfect place to host large open-air dinners, as is tradition on the Amalfi Coast.

The Blue Garden

The terrace has a  pool that creates a special suggestion
and refers to the color and reflections of the sea.

The Sculpture Garden

The stars of the show in this garden are the succulents, which are sculptural by nature and boast contrasting textures. Species such as Agave and Stipa grass complete a gallery created by nature.

The Moon Garden

This is the most romantic garden of them all, with plants, herbs, and shrubs that have been specially selected thanks to their silver-grey leaves, which create a magical glow in the moonlight.


Our private beach, one of the rare locations facing west and basked in sunlight until sunset, is exclusively reserved for overnight guests. The path to reach it consists of an ancient 130-step walkway, enveloped in the fragrant scents of the Mediterranean maquis.
Unique naturalistic engineering works were undertaken to restore the original path using local wood and rammed earth.


If there is one thing money can’t buy, it is the luxury of having the time to devote to yourself and your loved ones. Let us take care of all your needs so you can focus on what really matters. Be it a boat trip, a relaxing massage, a special candlelight dinner, a cultural day out to Ravello, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, or Capri, a hike up the mountains, a private party, or a cooking class in simple Italian traditions.
Make the most of your holiday. Relax and unwind.

Boat trips

Amalfi's marina is a great point of departure for exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast and its islands.


For breakfast, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal sweet and savory dishes that are prepared directly at the villa depending on your personal preferences. Start your day with spectacular views.

Private chef

Which Italian delicacies would you like to try? A private chef is always on hand to whip up whatever you fancy!

Cooking classes

A lesson in true Italian cuisine on our beautiful terrace, where you can help prepare dishes before sitting down to enjoy a full meal.

Grocery boxes

Our team can deliver groceries directly to your door.


We can arrange for an expert yoga teacher to join you at the villa and bring you peace, serenity, and mindfulness.


Let an experienced masseur or masseuse relieve the stress of city life.


We only employ the very best drivers for airport transfers, day trips, and private chauffeur services.

Pizza workshop
Personal Trainer
Fresh flower delivery
Daily newspaper delivery
Wine tasting
Concert organization
Craft cocktail bartender
Prices are available on request for additional services. A booking is required.


Absolute privacy is guaranteed at the villa, thanks to its sprawling garden that spans over 12,000 square metres, covering multiple levels adorned with breathtaking terraces and an exclusive sea view. The garden features serene lawns, a seasonal fruit and vegetable garden for guests to explore, numerous secluded corners ideal for peaceful contemplation, and direct access to crystal-clear waters in the bay of Capo Conca via the private beach reserved exclusively for guests.
A retrait open to the world, situated in one of the most captivating destinations in Italy,
offering an opportunity to shift your perspective, alter your pace of life, and rediscover the awe-inspiring power of nature.


Celebrated over the centuries by artists and writers, the Amalfi Coast boasts one the most evocative coastlines in the world, with romantic views, small villages, majestic scenery, and a unique Mediterranean landscape. The villa is located in Conca dei Marini, one of the smallest villages in Italy, nestled between Amalfi and Positano.

Perched on the mountainside with a stunning view of the Capo Conca bay, this location is where the steep promontory meets the sea, situated adjacent to an ancient watchtower and opposite the famed Grotta dello Smeraldo.


Amalfi is located 60km south of Naples.

The nearest airport is Naples Capodichino International Airport.
The journey to Amalfi takes about 90 minutes.
Rome airport is 290km away and the journey to Amalfi takes about 3 hours.
On request, we can organise private car transfers.

Naples Central Station offers high-speed connections to Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice.
From there, we recommend organising a private transfer.
The journey to Amalfi takes about 90 minutes. 

Take the A3 Naples-Pompei-Salerno motorway and exit at Castellammare di Stabia, then follow signs for Gragnano/Agerola/Amalfi.

Boats to Amalfi and Positano depart daily from Sorrento, Capri, Naples, and Salerno.

Conca Dei Marini’s central location makes it an ideal point of departure for exploring the rest of the coast and Capri. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about interesting things to do and see.


Capodichino Airport – 62km

Amalfi Coast Airport – 49km (for private jets)

Leonardo Da Vinci Airport – 290km



The interiors have been meticulously designed and boast a fine selection of modern furnishings and accessories from iconic, internationally renowned Italian brands that have chosen to partner with the BE project. The partnership is based on a shared goal: to embrace a philosophy of life that prioritises respect for the environment.

Our intention is to support high-quality, responsible design that uses beneficial, low-impact production processes.